Kavli NDI Fellowships

We are pleased to announce the Kavli NDI Distinguished Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowship Awardees for the 2024-25 cycle. We are thrilled to support 7 outstanding, high-impact, innovative, transdisciplinary research projects in each category to bring together diverse expertise in neuroscience, engineering or data science across the Hopkins community. Congratulations to all the awardees.


Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship awardees:

  • Dr. Chien-Ju Chen (PI and Co-PI: Drs. Justus Kebschull, Reza kalhor) - Polysynaptic connectivity mapping with single-neuron resolution and high throughput using evolving RNA barcodes.
  • Dr. Robert Phillips (PI and Co-PI: Drs. Keri Martinowich /Stephanie Hicks) - Cross-species identification of circuit-specific neuronal ensembles.
  • Dr. Sharlen Moore Corona (PI and Co-PI: Drs. Kishore Kuchibhotla / Adam Charles) - The neural basis of abrupt transitions from goal-directed to habitual behavior.
  • Dr. Yifeng Cheng (PI and Co-PI: Drs. Patricia Janak/ Dinchang Lin) - Neuroengineering Approaches for Mapping Cortico-Basal Ganglia Neural Dynamics onto Reward-Guided Decision Processes.
  • Dr. Gorkem Secer (PI and Co-PI: Drs. Noah Cowan/ James Knierim) - Investigating the Influence of Reward Location on Hippocampal Path-Integration Computations.
  • Dr. Ruihan Wei (PI and Co-PI: Drs. Kathleen Cullen/Adam Charles) - Context Dependent Geometries of Neural Trajectories during Locomotion.
  • Dr. Yueqing Zhou (PI and Co-PI: Dr.  James Knierim/Kechen Zhang): Integration of Landmark Information into Putative Head Direction Ring Attractor Networks in Retrosplenial Cortex.


Distinguished Doctoral Fellowship awardees

  • Dominique Meyer (PI and Co-PI: Drs.  Ji Yi/Patrick Kanold): Mesoscopic Oblique Plane Microscopy (Meso-OPM) platform for Multi-scale and Multi-Photon Volumetric Dynamic Imaging.
  • Ahmad Taha (PI and Co-PI: Drs. Solange Brown/ Daeyeol Lee) - The role of the claustrum in flexible decision-making.
  • Yuqing Yan ( PI and Co-PI: Dinchang Lin/Dwight Bergles) - Brain-wide mapping of astrocyte dynamics using genetically encoded assembly recorders (GEARs).
  • Manjari Anant (PI and Co-PI: Drs. Jean Fan/Justus Kebschull) - Uncovering the transcriptomic landscape during cerebellar nuclei formation.
  • Aditya Krishna (PI and Co-PI: Drs. Cynthia Moss/Mounya Elhilali) - Neural mechanisms of prediction in the hippocampus of echolocating bats.
  • Yidan Zhang (PI and Co-PI: Drs. Marshall Shuller/Raman Arora) - Temporal Reward Prediction in the Visual Corticostriatal Circuit.
  • Noga Mudrik (PI and Co-PI: Drs. Adam Charles/Kathleen Cullen) - Neural Integration in Motor Control with Graph-Driven Dynamics.

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