Kavli NDI funding

Our ambitions are to support and develop a next generation neuroscience community.

A primary goal of the Kavli NDI is to investigate the function of the nervous system across broad spatial and temporal scales, from synapses to cognition, throughout development and aging. 


    • The Kavli NDI supports research that unites Johns Hopkins University’s world-renowned strengths in neuroscience, engineering, and data science. Through these collaborations, the Kavli NDI will foster transformational scientific discoveries, as well as the next generation of future scientists and engineers in experimental, theoretical and computational transdisciplinary brain research.

      The global neuroscience community is now focused on tremendous challenges associated with monitoring and manipulating individual neural circuits belonging to specific cell types, at large scale and during well-defined behaviors. Key goals for the near future are to develop and expand these technologies so they can be applied across multiple neural circuits simultaneously, as well as to establish the computational and theoretical infrastructures that will allow us to extract insight from these massive datasets. Researching these goals will enable observation, perturbation and analyses at the scales required for comprehending whole-brain level function. The foundation and force that will drive these advances in neuroscience are the vanguard generation of scientists who possess expertise and technical skills across several fields of research.