2019 Edward M. Scolnick Prize in Neuroscience awarded to Johns Hopkins researcher Dr. Richard Huganir

Johns Hopkins Director of Kavli NDI and the Department of Neuroscience, Dr. Richard Huganir, is being recognized for his role in understanding the molecular and biochemical underpinnings of “synaptic plasticity,” changes at synapses that are key to learning and memory formation. 

The Scolnick Prize is awarded annually by the McGovern Institute to recognize outstanding advances in any field of neuroscience. “Rick Huganir has made a huge impact on our understanding of how neurons communicate with one another, and the award honors him for this ground-breaking research”, says Robert Desimone, director of the McGovern Institute and the chair of the committee. Read more about Dr. Huganir's research and his award of the Edward M. Scolnick Prize

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