Submission deadline
February 14, 2024

  • Program Overview

    • Program Overview

      The Hopkins Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) is centered on developing a diverse pool of well-trained post-baccalaureates who will transition into and complete rigorous research-focused doctoral degree programs.



      1. Research experience: Scholars conduct hypothesis-driven research in their Mentor’s lab, with day-to-day guidance by an experienced PhD student or postdoc. Scholars participate fully in weekly lab meetings, attend weekly research seminars in their department, and attend a vibrant PhD program retreat and a national conference of their choice.
      2. Community: Scholars come together each month for two-hour ‘chalk-talk’ events to present and discuss their research with Peer-Mentors (PhD students, postdocs) and faculty.
      3. Project (‘mini-thesis’) meetings: Scholars gain confidence by organizing, preparing for, and convening three one-hour ‘mini-thesis’ meetings with two subject-expert faculty, plus their research mentor and the PREP Director. Scholars benefit both scientifically and professionally by building strong working relationships with multiple faculty members at Johns Hopkins who are experts in their field of interest.
      4. Professional training and custom mentoring: Scholars participate in workshops designed to improve their scientific writing skills, and understand ethics in science, and can choose from many other workshops including communication and improvisation. Each scholar charts an individual development plan with the PREP Director, with custom mentoring both formal (monthly one-hour meetings) and informally as needed.
      5. Preparation for graduate school applications and interviews.

      Contact Katherine Wilson klwilson@jhmi.edu for more details about Hopkins PREP and Sarada Viswanathan sviswa10@jhmi.edu for questions regarding Kavli SIP.

  • Eligibility

    • Participants must have completed a baccalaureate degree in a relevant field within 3 years prior to starting PREP. Selected participants should intend to apply to research-focused doctoral degree programs (PhD or MD/PhD) during or immediately following completion of the program. It is the expectation that most PREP participants will transition to a rigorous research-focused doctoral degree program following the postbaccalaureate experience.

  • Application Details

    • To be considered for this program, please apply to the PREP or DDP program here