Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Wilmer Eye Institute

Specialization: Optical microscopy


400 N. Broadway

Baltimore MD, 21231


The structural organization of the biological systems are highly complex, spanning several orders of magnitude, from nanometers (e.g. chromatin compaction in nuclei) to centimeters (e.g. tissue and organ structures). How different components constitute the complex systems are the most fundamental and mysterious mechanisms in all lives, and we are to unravel these mechanisms by imaging.


We design and build novel optical microscopy, leveraging their high sub-cellular and cellular resolutions and sensitivity. A broad spectrum of biophotonics contrasts, including elastic scattering, fluorescence, non-linear light-tissue interaction, are combined to explore the structural and molecular information in behaving organisms.  We specialize in volumetric imaging techniques, (e.g. optical coherence tomography, scanned light sheet microscopy) to observe lives in sub-cellular details, 3D and in real-time. Combining all the multi-dimensional and multi-contrast imaging data, we are working on computational approaches to synthesize highly multiplexed imaging data and reveal unseen phenotypes that can be otherwise difficult to perceive using conventional tools.


To advance neuroscience discovery by uniting neuroscience, engineering and computational data science to understand the structure and function of the brain.