Jin Kang,PHD

Jacob Suter Jammer Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Specialization: Functional optical brain imaging of freely behaving amimals


Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering

3400 N. Charles Street

Barton Hall 205

Baltimore, MD 21205



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Understanding the relationships between animal behaviors and cellular activities in the brain has been one of the challenging goals in neuroscience.

To allow real-time, minimally invasive study of neuroactivities in vivo, our lab develops Fiber-Optic Neuro-Cellular Interface platforms to image and study the activity of massive numbers of single cells within the peripheral and central nervous system of awake, freely moving animals. This entrepreneurial endeavor between optical engineering and systems neuroscience capitalizes on novel fiber-optic imaging methods and signal processing and applies and adapts those techniques to the imaging and study of the nervous system. The system consists of multiple imaging modalities including reflectance wide field, single-photon fluorescence confocal, and photoacoustic microscopy. The sub-millimeter fiber optic probes can be implanted in multiple sites providing simultaneous imaging and sensing of neuro-activities at different brain sites with high spatiotemporal resolution.


To advance neuroscience discovery by uniting neuroscience, engineering and computational data science to understand the structure and function of the brain.